5 Questions To Ask Before Booking Your Wedding Venue

Booking your Wedding Venue and paying your initial deposit will ultimately tie you into a Contract with your Venue – be sure to check these 5 important things before you book!

1. What are the rental start and finish times?

Whilst we may be most concerned about what time our Wedding Ceremony will be and how late we can dance until, it is equally important for all of your suppliers to know the timeline for the day. Wedding Suppliers will want to know when they will be able to begin setting up at the venue (i.e. if there is more than one wedding per day) and what time you will need to vacate the area (there is usually a time limit on how late music can be played).

2. What is the deposit amount and when is the balance due?

It’s a given that we’ll have to part with our Wedding fund at some stage, so in order to secure your venue it is necessary to pay a deposit as soon as possible to ensure your chosen date and time has been booked. It is also important to know when the final payment will need to be paid by, and what types of payment the venue will accept. Having a budget planner and timeline for all your Wedding payments is a great way to stay organised and keep track of where your budget is being spent.

3. If we have to cancel, what is the procedure and cancellation policy?

No one plans to cancel their Wedding, but for whatever reason it might be, make sure that you understand the requirements involved with a cancellation and what costs you may incur. It is usually recommended to take out wedding insurance to prevent financial loss.

COVID-19 has thrown us a curve-ball and the uncertainty of the future will certainly make us anxious. Contact your Venue and suppliers to find out their conditions in the event that your Wedding can no longer go ahead when planned – if you can, then try to postpone rather than cancel, we need to support our lovely suppliers as best we can!

4. What is included in my Venue rental?

Discuss and define what is included in the venue fee, and what rentals will incur additional charges. For example, the venue may provide chair covers, chair ties, and table linens – but will there be an additional charge for the setup of these rental items, or will they add an extra cost for the staff having to move chair covers and chair ties from one location to another (i.e. if you are having your ceremony and reception at the same venue)? There may be hidden charges, so be sure to make this very clear.

5. Are there any restrictions we need to be aware of?

It is always necessary to read through all the terms and conditions included in your contract, to be sure that you will not face additional charges for having not understood the contract correctly. For example, there may be restrictions on catering, music, marriage ceremonies, and alcohol. Are you allowed to use contract caterers and suppliers (some venues may have health and safety restrictions)? Does the venue have an indoor/outdoor alcohol license? Is the venue licensed to hold civil ceremonies? Are there restrictions on what type of music you can have (i.e. live band, guitarist, DJ etc.) and what time it is allowed to start and finish?

Don’t be afraid to question all of the details surrounding your Wedding Venue and ask for all costs to be clearly outlined to you. A huge chunk of your Wedding budget will be absorbed by the Venue, so it is necessary to know exactly what you will be getting on your big day.

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