Your Wedding Music: The 3 times you MUST have music at your Wedding

Three Stages of Your Wedding Day That NEED Music

  1. Processional (as you walk down the aisle)
  2. Signing of the Marriage Certificates
  3. Recessional (as you walk back up the aisle as husband and wife)

The type of music allowed during your ceremony may vary, depending on whether you are having a civil ceremony or a church/religious wedding. For the civil ceremony, the music can usually be anything of your choice – be it a current pop song, or the traditional wedding march. Music for a church or religious wedding will need to be confirmed with the Minister, or someone within the Church, prior to your wedding to ensure that it is suitable for the occasion. However, most often, a Church wedding will have instrumental music (usually an organist), as the space is so vast within the Church walls, and it is important that the music isn’t lost – therefore, instrumental music is ideal for this environment.

A quick guide to ‘venue appropriate’ music, and something to keep in mind when visiting potential venues.

Remember the word ‘A-R-E-A’

  • A – Acoustics
  • R – Rules & Regulations
  • E – Electricity & Equipment
  • A – Access

The next music you will have to decide upon is the First Dance, and the reception music (cutting of the cake, the introduction of the Bride and Groom, and the party music)for your guests to dance away to for the rest of the night!


FIVE Musical Options for Your Wedding

o   Harpist

o   Live Band (Big Band, Steel Band, Dixieland, Tribute band etc.)

o   Live Singer

o   Jazz Band

o   DJ

The Benefits of Working With an Agency…

 o  Takes the stress out of searching for the perfect entertainment for you

o   They have a database of hundreds of reputable companies

o    Everything is organised by the agency, so you don’t have to worry about what to do if the band/entertainment doesn’t turn up

o    Remember – experience with weddings is important! By going through an agency, you get what you pay for.

Hiring a DJ: The Pros & Cons


  • The DJ is experienced and will have a large selection of music (popular, new and old)
  • No hassle for the Bride and Groom to select all of their music
  • Easy entertainment for the evening that will suit the taste of most guests


  • Playing anything and everything – don’t forget to make a list of ‘DO NOT PLAY’ songs that you just cringe at the thought of!
  • Exhausting for older guests who may not want to dance all through the night, and for the younger children who will get bored quickly!

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